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Member Comments

Below are some actual comments and email testimonies from www.boobsorama.com members & fans

I subscribed to your website and was VERY pleased with what I saw. The stills were excellent and the movie clips were ... well some of them just about took my breath away. I think that you have the right idea as to what the viewers would want to see. You are one OUTSTANDING woman. I can't wait for the next clip on the site and i am already starting to fantasize about the video in the works ---------- John

WOW .... no pair of breast that I have ever seen have caused a reaction in me the way yours have. Let's see....how do you spell "P-E-R-F-E-C-T"---------- Love, Brad.

I just joined your site today and MAN let me you! Your site is killin' everything at TopHeavy, Yahoo, Juggsmaster, JuggsVille, Serenity, just everything 'cause I seen em' all. Your site is the bomb. It's better than anything I've ever seen. I've been looking for endowments such as yours for a while now, where I can be consistent in subscribing. Your site has so much potential because you're absolutely incredible! Anyway, you have a fan in me, thanks for writing back ----------Luis

...I also want to compliment you on your site; it's very special and different from all the other sites that feature similar material. You're beautiful -- such lips and legs as well as your truly wonderful breasts -- and you deserve to hear it as often as possible! ---------- Carlton

Hi, I just stumbled onto your site today. I was just amazed at your pictures! they literaly took my breath away... and your long hair was ust stunning! I blushed just looking at the photos! you looked so huggable I'm still a bit embarrassed...
I may have only seen your chest, hair, and lips, but I think you look like a dream ---------- KR

I think I am in love...when I saw you, something happend to me and I...I dont know what to say...I just want you to know that you are something most beautifull I have ever seen in my life, on internet and real life yours truly ---------- big breasts lover

You have got one of the most beautiful pair of breasts I have ever seen! When you having something God given like you do, please share with everyone as much as you can. The likes of you don't come along very often! ---------- BA

Hi, I just joined your website and am enjoying very, very much. Your breasts are so big and beautiful! Your boobs are by far, the biggest and real one I've ever seen on the net, and I think your webpages are so well done and enjoyable. I really like it. I hope you keep up things and I am looking forward to see your boobs more. Thanks! ---------- Ken

I must compliment you on your name. You are one luscious hunk of woman. I just love the photo of you with your boobs setting on the table like that. Now that's my idea of Heaven! I must say that the first time I laid eyes on you on the internet, you took my breath away, and I had a hard time breathing there for a few minutes. Thanks so much for sharing your photos with all of us guys out here in internet land. ----------SA

Hello, lovely lady. I´m a 28 year old guy from Sweden and I just wanted to tell you that I find you very attractive and sexy. Just looking at you makes me so hard. I mean GOD lady how beautiful and sexy can one get? You make me wanna be the father of your children. Take care ---------- John

After joining your site and viewing your pics I have to say I have lust in my heart. :) seriously, wonderful pics. as in the immortal words of James Woods talking to Dolly Parton in the movie Straight Talk, HOLY MOLY!!! ------------- Jeff

Hi there, just wanted to drop you a line that I love the website you've started. It's great! Just a couple of points I HAD to contact you about... The first is your journal comment about getting in shape. You are a gorgeous woman and incredibly sexy! You don't have to change a thing about your body, it's wonderful. Second, I love your frequent updates, and I just adore your breasts. Thanks for putting up such a classy, high quality web site! ---------- Jay

All I can say is WOW. I've been a member for a bit, and I guess I was a little embarrassed to write you, but I've been reading your journal for a bit and I decided to send you a line. I think you are absolutely fantastic. I think what actually make me come and join was your lips pictures. Oh, don't get me wrong, your breasts are totally amazing, but with the lips, it pushed me over the 'edge'. That image on the first page of your site gets me going every time. Thanks again for such a great site. :-) A loyal fan --------- David

Great Site! I'll have to admit, your site really snuck under my radar. I thoroughly enjoy the content of your site, you have been blessed in the mammary department, and it seems that you are certainly a woman with great curves. More corset pics would be awesome to behold. Your first movie is really stimulating... keep up the great work. Speaking from a design standpoint... I'm really impressed... an absolutely beautiful site that is easily navagatable. Kudos to you. If you're ever in the area, and you need someone to have a cup of coffee with/or to chat about books.. let me know. I would be honored to be your company ---------- Sean

Luscious, your site is awesome. I love the new higher quality pictures of you. You are very sexy. Your breasts are awesome. And no breasts can never be too big in my opinion. I will say you are my ideal type of girl, short, cute, and busty. I like the journal you have on your site. It is a nice way to get to know you. It is pretty cool how you just pour your thoughts out for all to see. Looking forward to your next update, I have to say your site is very impressive. You have a very sexy body. ---------- Dave

Hi, I just joined your site and....damn you got some really nice full round big tits. Where are you from my dear? I wish I could meet you in person...damn. I could just die...wow. ---------- Freddy

I really love large breasts, your breasts are the largest natural pair I've seen in a very long time. I think I'm in love. -----------Scott

I just love your pretty tits, especially your huge areolas and delicate blue veins... mmmmmm. I can't wait to see more of you! ---------- XOXO Timo

I love very very large breasts, the bigger the tits the more attractive the woman, is what I think, you are very pretty, I love your big breasts...Thank you for sharing them with me! ---------- Chief

Full figured is an understatement. If top heavy girls are considered to have the largest breasts in the world then you must be their leader. I have never seen breasts so lovely...until now. Jaq - A loyal fan in Canada

Love the pics, babe , please, please keep them coming. xxxx ------------ Rater UK

Damn. You got my blood pumping. Thank you! ---------- Matt

WOW! Those are the nicest tits that I've ever seen! I shot all over my keyboard the first time that I saw them! Thanks alot!! ---------- Darrell

I really want to fuck those tits!!! Beyond that I am speechless... ---------- Alex

Wow I love your website. great tits. thanks ---------- Berto

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